I was checking out the "Hotrod" Truss rod at stew mac today. The reason why I'm considering it is because it's easier to install than a traditional rod. Being that I'm making my first guitar, this would be a major help to me, as the truss rod is one of my main concerns.

Does anyone have something good or bad to say about the Hot Rod? Anyone have experience with it and have tips to give me when installing/ using it?

Oh heres a link:

The lmi one is supposed to be better. I use the hot rods though and like them even though I had one break though. The nut broke off and I emailed stewmac after i cut off the fingerboard. They said it's too bad I cut off the fingerboard because they would have sent me one of the $230 truss rod rescue kits but since I took it off they replaced all the parts that were lost. I have no problem using them now because if they break it will happen when I first use it and I would like to get the rescue kit sometime lol.
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get a doeringer rod from ebay.

What's the difference in the 2 rods? I'm not being critical, but I read up on the doeringer and it doesn't seem much different, aside from being 5 dollars cheaper.

Ah that's unfortunate 420, thanks for the info!