My P-Bass has a '55 style pickguard on it, but I wanted to get one to replace it that was shiny/metallic (the ones that look like a mirror) but of a different color than just silver. I've looked all around the web and haven't seen anything on '55 style pickguards. My first question is will other types of pickguards fit on my bass without modifying it? And my second question is if not, is there ANY WAY I can get a pickguard similar to the one I described above that will actually fit on my bass?
55 style pickguard? As in like this sort of thing? There are places that will copy original pickguards if you send them the pickguard or a tracing of it on a cereal packet or something. If you live in the UK talk to simms custom shop. (google it)
A non-silver mirror pickguard for a Mike Dirnt sig?

It probably doesn't exist.

Your best bet is probably to find some material, use your current pickguard as a template and make your own.
Try looking up '51 style or Amoeba pickguard. That's typically what it's called.
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