Good evening you sexy UG'ers!

We are a band named Archilles and have been together for about 7 years. All members are 18 years old but have a very strong business mindset which has helped them pursue their dream in music. Our shows consist of high energy stage presence which capture the audience's hearts, souls, and minds! Our influences are classic rock based. However our music can be described as classic rock put in a blender with modern sounds! We have all been pushing our music ever since we started and are looking at going full time for these next few years.

We are looking for a drummer who is COMMITTED to putting alot of time, effort, and valuable money into the band as we BELIEVE in this band. We need a drummer with a good taste in hot woman...equally as important, a good drummer though. We want someone to build a friendship with as this band is gonna go for the long haul all the way to the top of the world!! We are established in the alberta area and look to further that onto every other province in the country. Now that the damn school is over with, this band is going full time to make the dream come true.

If you are a drummer or know of a drummer, get those fingers moving and send an email to kevglass@mac.com. If you wish to check out us, or some material our myspace is, Archilles . Look forward to hearing from some of you sexy people! Until next time, rock out with you c*ck out!

Kev Glass, Archilles
you guys are pretty sweet, keep up the good work. Unfortunately I am a bassist from Cleveland
Mr. Allan wrote:
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Wow, you guys sound awesome.

I'm an 18 year old drummer with 8 years experience in classic/progressive rock from Montpelier, Vermont. Shame Alberta is so far away, I'd love to play with you guys.

Keep rocking though, if I'm ever in Alberta I'll be sure to look you up.
I am the meek.

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Thanks guys! If you happen to know anyone, just out of mere chance, that lives near us and plays drums, get them to drop me an email. But definitly, if your in the area drop me a msg and we'll jam!