hey im lookin to buy a new amp my budget is under $600aud my choices r pretty much only from these sites





I'd need one with good distortion and a really good clean channel too.

I've been thinking about a roland cube 60 and played the vox ad50vt today but i didnt really like the distortion thanks.
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I liked my carvin head, got it for about 400(fogot the model). Best clean I've ever played on, And I own a Marshall Tube JVM right now. The distortion was pretty good, I loved when I first had it, but now playing the marshall I see what I was missing. The only problem is I had it for like 8 months and it broke, rather than fix it I got a new one. If those sites have that for that cheap I think it would be a good buy. It had three channels and four effects you could put to it, chorus, delay, reverb, and something else I never used, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was.
5150 is the best metal core amp period. Plus if you ever get out of metalcore it'll work for a classic rock band, hard rock band, punk band, death metal band... Amazing high gain amp. I love mine. And I'm very loyal to it.
Try and find a used 5150. The cleans are kinda' sterile, but as far as high gain goes, it's spectacular.
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Yeah but you don't buy those amps for the cleans. A/b another amp for cleans. Hell a 300 dollars crate v series is big enough and sounds good enough clean wise to go with the 5150. A/b it.
yeah just the head of a 5150 would be out of my price range though and id rather go with a combo.

with my guitar skills i dont really feel like i deserve a tube (not that i can't appreciate good tone).

and also their near impossible to find in my area be it new or second hand
id trade my wife before i'd trade my gih-tah!
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