I wrote this song for a very special girl in my life.
Yea, yea i know.... cliche..
but it actually is shown in the song.
The main theme reappears in the song a couple times to represent the good times, and the good times to come.
The inbetween stuff is are the troubled times, but they have a way of working out... into the theme again.
I thought it would be neat to see other people's opinions on it.
And as always, crit 4 crit


Police were called to a daycare where a three-year-old was resisting a rest.
that was played really well! its obvious that you are quite good at playing and composition. i like the song! if you ever get that chance to use a grand piano as well has having an orchestra as a backing, I would love to hear it.
i like this, this is awesome stuff
i'm at 16-year-old sophomore just wanting to be heard. can you take the time to listen to my stuff off my website? thanks for the time man.