V1: After one of those days
and a bleary-eyed night
these memories lost in a haze
a swirl of sights and sounds

we allways have a good time
that feeling so sublime
not worrying about whats up ahead

and in that feeling so surreal
I put my hands back on the wheel

On that long drive home
I let out a long soft groan
and I thought in my head
I should be dead

So on that long drive home
I let out a long soft moan
I figured what the hell
and I cried farewell

V2: I was trying to think about the driving
But I was having trouble arriving
at an end to the thoughts circlin' through my brain

Well I'll allways reminisce
about the days like this
Its just something that I cant explain


Rythem Guitar/Singer-Smoke Patterns

Quote by its irrelevant
I think you should go to the Amazon, cut down a tree and make one guitar out of it, then burn the rest.

Spiting Al Gore FTW