Hey guys,

my school talent show is about to happen in about 3 months and I've been practicing Canon Rock for quite some time now.

The problem I've ran across is deciding whether to perform while I'm standing or sitting down. I can play Canon Rock more cleanly on all of the parts such as the arpeggios and the scale runs while I'm sitting. However, I play the song more sloppy when I'm standing up especially at the arpeggios and scale runs. And yes, I've adjusted my guitar strap to a suitable position.

My question is, if you were a regular high school student, would you be bothered by the fact that I'm sitting down to play a rock song? I know everyone here is probably used to watching live concerts and feeling the effect of an all out concert, but this is a school talent show and that might affect decisions.

I have 3 months, and if it's really really important for me to stand up then I can begin trying to adjust myself to playing while I'm standing.

What do you guys say?
Sitting because you said it yourself, you play it better that way.

I would be bothered by you trying to stand and look like a rock star and doing a sloppy job if I were in that audience.
For a talent show I say stand. Just practice standing more often. If you were for example auditioning for some music school, I think sitting would be appropriate.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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Electric stand

acoustic sit.
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Standing. Talent shows are about entertainment value and if you have 3 months, you have plenty of time to get it down. Unless you're John Butler, you won't entertain people sitting down.
I don't think I'd care... But I would rather you play in which position you had been training yourself for, that way you'd be better and I would be more entertained.
Play it standing up if you can. It will be much more entertaining. And as long as the quality of play does not suffer too much, it will be worth it.
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just stand. you look cooler and they wont be able to tell anyways. but it really doesn't even matter if you're going to a normal high school. in all of the places ive been, the actual talent doesn't even win. its always the pretty girls who sing some mainstream song ... badly ... who win.
It also depends on whether you're comfortable standing up if you're playing by yourself. It can be weird/uncomfortable. The reason most acoustic performances are sitting is because the artists are more exposed and alone on stage (like you will be) and it makes you feel more comfortable to sit down.

Find what you're comfortable with. I don't think it would matter to the audience as long as you seem comfortable with what you're playing. If you seem uncomfortable standing, it's going to come across to the audience.

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