Spent the first two hours of my shift inside of notepad. Its about what happened earlier today. Though I was inspired to write in this form from snowblind's a boat is a boat piece (Nice work!) so this is new to me but I like the way it ended up. c4c thanks

"thats why you should let me give you head!"

"Why because I feel lost as a blind man's spear?" I asked.

"haha yeah!"
with a grin like a racer waiting for the starting flag.

"Listen, you told me you feel awkward when I gently blow on your ear
because you asked if I read about it on the internet or something, and
Laughing I said no, another girl liked it so I figured you might too."

The thought of me with her hits you like a car into water when
my loving breeze brushes your skin with tease.

"Yeah- but not anymore"
Only after I assured her that I would of tried it with her whether I had tried
it with the other or whether she had liked it or not.

Noticing something new around your neck I say
"By the way I like that necklace, every kiss begins with kay! haha"

"So you recognize it?"

"Yeah I saw it on the television"

Pausing cautiously like a soldier the second before he ups and runs
directly through continuous enemy fire she says
"Thanks- my aunt bought it for me. I usually never wear it though"

Confused by the uneasiness leaking out I digressed.
"Anyway, it's the same concept. you giving head only floods my mind with thoughts
and images of you giving head to andrew as if you had no choice."

like a premature death something slides accross her tongue only to break the
ice and crash back into her mouth only sounding a single splash.

"Say it. Don't think before you speak, it won't be true to you."

"I don't know! It's not like I'm thinking about him or his dick. I hate him!"

Turning off her side onto her back she looked to my wall. Grabbing her shoulder
I face her back to mine.

"I know you do, he changed you for the worse ("Yeah he ****ed me up!") -Yeah,
but I also know theres still something there bothering you."

An expression covers her face as if she awoke at a crossroad without a sign or hint
as to what awaited which way.

"So you think I still feel for him? That I'm not over him?"

"I don't know"

A silent pause as we stare into each others eyes like the final firework on the 4th
of july, just waiting with uncertain anticipation as to when it will blow and how it
will look.

"I know you worry about losing me cause you tell me, but this is different. I've
Never felt like this before. I feel like this is the end of...I dont even know"

"Searching?" I asked knowingly

"Exaclty, I love you"

The sound of my bedroom door opening distracts us both like an explosion,
"****ing cat."

She continued
"I lied- I got this necklace from andrew. From his mom more specifically."

I laughed a little thinking damn, I can usually tell when she lies.

"We saw the commercial and he asked what I thought about it. I think it was a larger one of these but I said it was ugly, then it ended up in my hands."

How many times must you walk through the rain before you bring an umbrella I thought.

"Though it came from him I still like it and don't mind you wearing it."

I realized that was a surprise bigger to me then to her.

"I knew you loved me before you knew it yourself, and knew I loved you, unlike anything else."
I said as I got ready to pull the curtains on an ongoing struggle between me, I and my mind.

"So whats the problem, why do you get like sometimes?"

The frustration of this situation has been piling high for sometime now and I can see it starting to wobble and lean as if pushed towards me.

"Babe I loved and hated you for four lonely years. you weren't the only one to tell me I was wrong, that we would never happen. and all of that, after all of this time has been hammered and chisled in the stone of my mind. I can't just forgive and forget what's been cemented and set as a love not ment to ever happen. So yes I worry about losing your love like a half pocketed wallet because you deserve
so much more then I can give, but I also know nobody deserves the love you come with- I just dont know anything anymore."

My hand on her head, thumb rubbing her face and clearing the tears trickling like a river in drout. our lips meet like a fire and TNT, felt and seen from accross the sea.

"It's not that I don't trust you, but with a love so strong, pure and somehow ageless yet young it's hard to believe something won't happen. I mean ****, ****ups and mistakes are what I do best, hell my life itself was the result of a mistake."

I stop for a moment to wipe her eyes in an attempt to shadow mine.

"All I can say is I love you. I tried to hate you, tried to have you hate me hoping somehow it would make us both happy, but I couldn't. I only loved you more and stocked more instore. So yes I'll continue to worry about losing you cause its all I know how to do."

Kissing as if we had died before one anothers eyes, then somehow both being revived, we took fast strides toward love. Again I only lasted only a minute or two but I could feel you loved it more then ever before. A smile crawled onto your lips as a laugh broke out of my ribs.

"Why are you laughing?" she asked

"I have to or I'll feel down on myself."

wrapped and weaved as if trapped inside one another I say

"I know I tell you to stay beautiful every night but-
Maybe if you were ugly... I could last a little longer"

"hahaha GOD I LOVE YOU!"

"Somehow, I trust you must-"
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