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Ibanez Acoustic - Electric
2 29%
Fostex 8 Track Digital Recorder
5 71%
Voters: 7.
So pit, I've come to ask for your great knowledge. I'm torn between two things that could be potential Christmas gifts.

Should I get
Ibanez AEG20E Flamed Sycamore Top Acoustic - Electric



Fostex MR 8mkII 8 Track Digital Recorder


The guitar is just for me basically but the 8-track digital recorder would help with my band making demos and stuff. I'm also planning on getting a cheap condenser mic and boom stand to go with the recorder. They both cost about the same.

Give me your opinions
I have an Epiphone SG and an really old Fender classical acoustic that used to be my moms. Both my guitars are really good, I just love steel - string acoustics though and have always wanted one.