So It's the holiday season, and I'm buying myself a pedal fro christmas. To me, from me, with love. The way Santa intended.

Anyway, I've narrowed my search down to a Boss RT-20 or an Electro Harmonix Wiggler.

Both, I believe, do the same sort of thing, in that you've got a ways to conjure Trem/Vibrato with the ability to emulate the Leslie sound. I've played the RT-20, and as good as it is, I don't think it's as versatile as the Wiggler appears to be. It's just that there's no way to get the Trem sound on its own without the Rotary effect. I love the rotary effect, but there's no way to 'take it off' and just use the 'speed' of the rotations as separate, as you would a tremolo pedal. I think with a Wiggler I could give my sound some real crunch when going through my board without 'clashing' with the rotary effect. And then having the option of the Doppler rotary on top.

Am I thinking correctly?

Preferences, everybody?
Oh, FWIW, I'm running an American Deluxe Tele through a Hot Rod Deluxe Amo, with the following pedals already.

Boss Tuner
Marshall BB2
Visual Sound Route 66
Digitech Eric Clapton
Marshall Regenerator
Dunlop Crybaby.

I'm into everything from jazz to Rockabilly. Favourites at the moment are Clem Snide and the Old 97's.