i like regulation sizes as well.

mmm, i'll have to play once i finish my finals
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I played in 9th grade gym. It was insanely fun, but I haven't played since then.
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im tooo fat to play

or tooo skinny to survive.... cant remember which
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They just call it Ultimate to make a lame "sport" sound somewhat fun.

That being said, it's kind of enjoyable.
The only people I know who play Ultimate also play Gamecube, listen to Jack Johnson, and drink Natty Ice,, brahhh.
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Go for some high end models, they are like 30$ but are sooooo awsome. We dont actualy play ultimat fisbie, but just tossi it around, and if you throw it corectly its the most stable thing i have ever seen in the air. Serously, the cheap ones topple over, or at least start turning after a while, while mine can fly like 50m completely straight.
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I played in 9th grade gym. It was insanely fun, but I haven't played since then.

+1 more or less. Tried once, three frisbees were destroyed.
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I used to play this when I was 13/4, then we had to play it for games in 6th form, and I've always loved it!

I wish there was somewhere to play round here
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I played like two years ago. it kicked ass. I forget where i got my disc, but some local store, just make sure it's rated for ultimate and not a ****ty one. The heavier, the better imo.
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Ultimate Is The ****!!!! I Do Ultimate And Disc Golf At My School. I Would Just Go Wit The Regulation Size
Yes. I play firsts for Too Many Pies, the Newcastle university team. Last weekend we finished 8th at Indoor Nationals .

With regards discs, get a 175g UPA approved one - the first link there is a discraft ultrastar which is (y)
elliott doesnt play sports.
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Get thos like ring things, they are awesome frisbees.
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Get the first one, if you're playing ultimate you should be using a 175g regulation sized disc, anything else and you'll get used to using a disc that no one else uses for ultimate, which makes playing games with other people hard.

That said, ultimate is badass.
It's a fun game but I don't understand the hype behind it. It seems like it's become more of just a 'cool' game to play or something. At least that's the way it is around my town
I only played it in school when there was nothing else to do, or because some hot chicks were playing it.

It's really a sissy sport, I guess you're thin or something :p
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Where are you playing TS? If you locale is windy (your on a beach, in a hilly area or have freaquent inclimant weather) I would recomend get a heavier frisbee. 190-200 grams.

Otherwise a regulation one should be fine.

And it's not a sissy sport. I've seen people get seriously injuried from playing. Missing teeth, broken noses and the worst one was a broken knee cap.

An actual game is fast and very physical.
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You should have a standard 175 and a heavyweight for windy days. I think it's a lot of fun, better than running on a treadmill for an hour. It's a hell of a lot more fun when the people you play with are good, it sucked in gym class because nobody can throw
We did in P. E. in school for like 2 months before.

Ultimate Frisbee = Win.
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Meh not so much of a sissy sport, it's a way for friends to get together where even the less athletic (like me) can contribute if they can get their throws down. However, the more athletic also get to shine.