I have always played fingerstyle on nylon strings, but I like steel string sound more. Will I damage my nails if I play with nails on steel string guitar? Are there other players that use this technique? References?

Thanks in advance.
You'll damage them moreso than you would on a nylon guitar yes. There are players who use "nails" however most fingerstyle guitar players use acrylic nails when playing steel-string. They don't take as long to grow out. haha check out Don Ross, Antoine Dufour, Andy McKee...all use acrylic nails on steel string guitars (they also use thumb picks).
I play with my nails. Strum and pluck with them, not too sure why, but they don't suffer much damage actually.
i play fingerstyle on my steel string acoustics .. and my nails get scratched up but who cares .. im not a girl lol .. its not any permanent damage .. just do it ..
take it easy man .. its just a thread
Not so much "damage", but they will wear down like a file would wear down your nails, cept slower.
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well to begin i usually play nylon and even with that i put this stuff on my real nails that make them stronger. its some type of cream. i find that it works really well and has really made my nails stronger when i switch to steel string i find that it also works well and they don't wear as much. Even still i find that the cream gives a better tone that i had before because my nails are stronger for some reason
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Great. And my nails are pretty hard...
Well, I gues that the best thing to do is to buy cheap acoustic guitar and give it a try.
grow callasiss i have played for years worrying about my nails but really it;s apain i cant do this or do that
With proper and constant nail care, which is something that I strongly believe in as nails can destroy or elevate your tone, along with well taken care of strings, playing fingerstyle on a steel-string acoustic will never be a problem for your nails. All the songs on my profile were recorded fingerstyle on a steel string (minus A Faraway Guitar), and I love the tone I get.
My God, it's full of stars!