So I have been playing for nearly 6 years now and back in June I underwent surgery on a tendon n my right(fret) wrist. Well now that I have pick the guitar up again I have found out that the surgery didn't correct the problem and that it is going to be impossible to fret with my right hand without doing permanent damage.

I'm not a believer in giving up so I'm going to learn to play lefty style. I was wondering if anyone would have and good beginner exercises for building dexterity in my fret and picking hands. I was also wondering if anyone out there has, or knows someone who has, had to switch hands after learning with with the opposite one, would have any advice about making the switch easier
i don't really have any good advice, but i hope that works out for you. your determination seems strong, so i'm sure you will do good. and goodluck
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just take it slow. You're going to have to take some time just to learn how to move your fingers correctly. start with just some basic chromatic scales to a metronome.


go back down, then move up one fret and rinse and repeat as many times as you feel necessary.
This one is really good for fret-pick coordination. That's probably as good a starting point as any.
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Do the exercise above, and also do chords, but only learn open chords. Your mind knows what to do, just gotta open the paths from the brain to the hands and relearn.
Maybe even get a guitar teacher, explain the issue so they understand you're not guitar illiterate, and make a practice schedule and always follow it!

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Good point meant to say left wrist had surgery. Still kinda stressed out over the whole surgery not working.