I have an RG120 and I want to play songs mostly from GNR I have stock pick ups and everything, I want to get some pickups for myself on Christmas what would be good? Also is there any other modification I can do to the guitar so it could sound better? It stays in tune perfect with the stock tuners, I only tune it once and it stays like that for like 3 weeks until I change strings again. Amazing. Help please.
Get ready for several pages of people wrongly telling you to get Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pros.

What is your amp? You amp makes up far more of your tone than your pickups do. If you want to change tone, the first thing you should do is consider changing amp.
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I have a behringer vtone gmx110 it says, with a 60 watt bugera speaker. I got it like that used I thought it came with a 30 watt.
Pickups aren't going to make a noticeable difference, save your money. If you can't get the sound you want from that amp then you need a different amp.
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you can play gnr on your ibanez... pickups dont determine what you can and cant play. get a new amp, i recommend the vox valvetornix series .. the boutique overdrive setting will give you rough gnr tone, you'll have to fiddle w/ it a bit
Save for a better guitar, i have an RG120 and you should def save up for something much better.