you just really can't recommend a pick, everybody likes different ones, no matter what style you play. I really like the dunlop tortex 0.6mm picks..
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really thick ones,

But I use fender Extra heavy celluloid pics I also use Dunlop tortex 1.5 or bigger pics

EDIT: also a good kyser capo is always worth it
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The dunlop with the grips. I can't remember what they're called, but I've always used and loved those. The tortex ones are nice as well, and basically you can't go wrong with Dunlops, as they don't break easily (I say this because Fender picks have a nasty habit of pretty much exploding if you strum to hard)

Size is all up to you. And as for a capo, you could always get the Kyser one. I've used it and it's the same as any other capo and gets the job done.
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Any pick thats at least 1mm thick.

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as long as they are 1mm thick and not to bendable (like nylon) the picks are ok with me (that is for playing metal, for classical I use 0.6mm nylon)
i recommend you Dunlop Jazz pick III
they're great
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I also recommend Jazz III picks. I just switched over to these after many years of using Fender Heavys. you can play more technically accurate with Jazz III's.

The only problem I have with these is that they are just a little too stiff. Does anyone know if there is a pick with the same size and shape with a little less stiffness?
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yeah i think thered ones are less stiff
and find the jazz II instead of III
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I had switched to the Jazz lll, but I could not keep them from slipping in my hand. I sanded them, cut them and they slipped. I switched to the purplish Tortex and like them better. About the same size as jazz lll, but no slippage.