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I was borrowing 2 Shure SM58's for a while but alas, I had to give them back. With Christmas looming, the obvious thing at the top of my list is a couple of my own mics.

They were mostly used for recording with an M-Audio FastTrack Pro. Me on acoustic guitar and my buddy on vocals. We do kinda live off the floor stuff so both of them going at the same time usually

My question is should I get two SM58's or one SM58 and an SM 57? Which is better for acoustic guitar? The MXL 990/991 package also recently came to my attention. Would that be a good option?
SM57 for guitar/vocals and SM58 for vocals.
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No, for acoustic you will want a condenser. And actually, you'll want a condenser for Vocals. In my opinion, SM57/58's are only good for snares and guitar cabs.

I would definitely look into the MXL 990/991 package. You might want to add another condenser on to that too, so you have one vocal mic, and two mics for the acoustic (using the 991 & another condenser like the Samson CO1/whatever etc). With that setup, you would yield pretty decent results.

You would obviously need another interface if you use three mics, though, as your FastTrack Pro only has two XLR inputs. Im not sure about your particular model, but there are some where you can hook up multiple interfaces to get more inputs, but you will have to fork out a lot more cash.

On the other hand, you could multi track it. i.e record the guitar first, then vocals separately afterwards, but you said that you want to record it live - so yeah you will have to decide which is best.

Hope that sort of helped?!
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If you want to track everyone one at a time go with the SM57.

HOWEVER, that mic wont pick up a whole room sound if you guys want to record everyone in one take. For that I suggest an MXL 990 in the center of the room.
The MXL package is probably the best bet overall. Use the MXL 990 for vocals in front of the sound hole and the 991 for acoustic (I'm going off the recommendations of this review). When you want better quality, you can easily upgrade the vocals to something nice like a $99 M Audio Nova.
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