I am very inspired and soak his information up real fast i don't know why but he is defiantly the style of teacher i like if you haven't seen any of his videos check out theses. Even a beginner video in here.

Guitar Day 1

Part 1


Part 2


Melodic Control


Exercise Patterns




And if you have seen 99 secret lead phrases he i so good and is really helpful when it comes to lead , not just sitting there and playing scale after scale. You still learn scales but learn to make them up from chords and so forth but watch all these videos so much information.
yeah he is a very good teacher. i learned just to go with my ear for solos rather than worrying if you are in key all the time. also to try and reach a certain note in solos instead of endlessly waffling.
yes his approach is really good for the ear. Dont read tabs, figure out simple songs out first with Power chords, open chords, barre chords. I am just a bit confused on knowing who notes to play when soloing of the chords. Like is there a progression that i stick too, or do in order of certain notes?
well you can use the notes within the chord triad or the scale within your solo

eg Key of Aminor triad..ACE and ABCDEFG no sharps flats, as well as all the other chords within the key.

however.. even a pentatonic scale has notes that go outwith the minor key so you can find yourself playing different notes eg to make harmonic minor style licks outwith the basic Aminor key.
Thanks man, could you point me to a good lesson on triads and that stuff so i can add it to what ive learned from marty so i understand it even more.

Marty Refueled my fire!
yeah i have Melodic Control

he really has a good ear and the man can make such great music "Tear's of angel" is my new favorite at the moment from him im a huge fan

not only he really just rock out but he can make some of the most beautfull music ever

guitar wanking is fun but at the end of the day i want to hear music something one could feel....not hearing some guy play sixteenths notes at 130bpm over and over
that stuff becomes predictable

i suggest you just go out and get music theory lessons
not only you'll have a more clear perspective of what Marty Friedman or any other player is talking about or doing in a musical piece

you can pretty much write what you want
rather then fishing for the right notes you would have the knowledge to say "oh i know what this is i could throw down a Gb Harmonic Minor progression and then pull a revers polarity" and could come up with some taste full stuff

lol i guess im just rambling now

but anyway take this advice "always pay attention when some one is giving advice,tips or even a small lesson" cause you can never learn to much and the more you know the better

thats something ive taken from Friedman and every time i run into a really good player or musician i like to watch and study and analyze what their doing

oh and one really important thing i remeber him saying when it comes to music is "try to have an open mind on every thing"

i cant tell you enough how much this guy is an influences on me
i've probably read/seen/listened to every thing Friedman

please any questions or any thing just message me or ask on the forums(thats what its here for right?