This feeling that flows through my veins
intoxicated life in my glazed over eyes
deceptive signs lead me down a path
thats littered with regretful nights
I was looking for a way to get by
Without all these self-destructive lies
Harming those I hold close to my heart
No need to ruin any lives but my own

You were looking for a way to get closer to me
Times were hard and you needed a release
Reluctantly I said ok, I'll let you give it a whirl
So I showed you how to escape from the world

First it was your turn, then it was mine
When you were done you seemed fine to me
I laid back as my head took flight
Time for another state of mind tonight
Thinking of all that was right in my life
The world couldn't take much more from me
I glance over at you and smile as you smile back
And in this moment I couldn't be more happy

You were looking for a way to get closer to me
Times no longer hard cause we found our release
Reasons to be who we wanted to be
You gave life a whole new meaning for me

I woke up next to you not sure what to think
You were cold to touch, what happened to us?
A heart like yours was too big it gave up
Blue in the face and you weren't breathing
How could I have let this happen to you
So pure and innocent before we met
You were all that was right in my world
The last thing I'd thought I'd lose was you

Now I'm looking for a way to get closer to you, closer to me
Can't believe I'll nevrr see that smile that lit up my life like the 4th of july
If somehow I could do it all over, would you forgive me in the end
My life means nothing anymore without you in it
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