I am going to order a Keeley modded Ibanez TS-9 (not baked), is it worth the money to also invest in say a Keeley MT-2 and/or a DS-1, and/or a SD-1?
you don't need to ask us if you want to buy another pedal.

I'd personally just keep the TS-9 or I would've gone for a pedal that would've most suited my needs.

grab a stock ds-1 or a stock sd-1 and mod it yourself. there is loads of info about how to do it... kurtlives19 or kurtlives91 from this site has mods for a ds-1 and a bd-2 and search for "overdrive spider" on google and youll find info on ds-1 mods to keeley specs and sd-1 to ts-808 specs...

good boutiqueyness (hmmm is this a word) for not a lot of cash and a bit of work yourself...
Thank you please.
yeah like dead said, if you want a ds-1/ sd-1 id say pick up and look up the mods. there pretty simple and it would be fun to work on a pedal. unless that isnt fun to you
Dude I own both the ts-9 mod plus, and the ds-1(keeley mod version also). Ts-9 sounds incredible, and the ds-1 is just perfect for that heavy sound. They really out do themselves with these pedals. Definitely go for it. You'll be using them for years.