I can't spend anymore than that. I might be getting a job soon, pray to god that I do. I was wondering what is a good amp head for 400 or less? One that I won't have to upgrade anytime soon, I like playing all genre of music, help me out please. I was looking at videos and the Marshall MG 100 HDFX got my attention is it worth the price or should I get a 75 watt line 6. I'm open to suggestions I won't be able to spend any more than 400$ 420 tops. I promised to give my mom my very first pay check.
I know someone who'd give you good head for $400.

on topic, i personally wouldn't buy either of those as they sound poor at higher volumes.
Do you need a half stack? for that kind of money I'd look for a smaller valve Combo.

Music styles etc would help too!
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peavey classic is pretty versatile, it can fit in all styles except very heavy metal (like death/black). I got a combo version, it`s great for rock,blues,funky,jazz etc.
Nooo. You dont need a head, get a combo.

A fender blues jr and a few pedals would get you a good variety.
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