Ive got a few different things up for grabs, mostly
my old recoring gear. Im not asking for anything in
particular, so im open to all offers(im always looking for some new parts for my strats)
(im also looking for some Fender guitar straps)
I'll be going through my storage next week so keep checking back
for more gear.

- 2 Realistic Universal Cassette Replacement Mics
Great for computer recording!
They'll plug up directly to your computer so you dont need
any special plugs.These low impedance, wide response,
omnidirectional mics are ideal for "live action" recordings.
*Includes 1 desk stand

- NOS Realistic Dynamic Cassette MicAnother great computer mic!
Plugs right into your computer. Dual plugs with On/Off switch.
Omnidirectional, 300 ohms impedance.

- Vintage Shure Mic Mixer
It's been used many times, and still works perfect!
4 mic knobs, 1 aux and master knob, with mic impedance switches
on the back. it is missing the security prong on plug.
Model M68FC

- Realistic Two Channel Stereo Mic Mixer
Mixes and blends up to four mics!Stereo Phono input, master volume control, stereo/mono switch
High/Low impedance.
*Includes 1 Aoi Line matching transformer

- NOS Box of Dunlop Gauged Fingers Picks
Great for banjo and spanish guitar playing!
Theres a crack on the left hand corner of the box, nothing
to major, Includes 18 .013 picks, 17 .015 picks, 15 .018 picks
18 .020 picks, 19 .0225 picks, and 19 .025 picks.

- HM 940 Mic
I dunno much about this mic.
seems to have a banana type plug.
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