Hey everyone!

I've heard much good about the Bogner Alchemist tube amps, and I'm really considering buying one of these.
Also I've been wanting a Vox Ac-30 CC2x tube amp, but I'm not the kind of guy with money for both.

I listen to music like Pink Floyd, The Doors, Deep Purple, The Beatles, Clapton, Hendrix and so on.
I make music of my own in a band, so the choice is quite important for the sound

I use a line 6 POD XT for effects and sounds, but will this kill the sound of the Vox? (if I chose it) - In the band I play mostly solo's and fills - not chords.

The problem is, that I've head that the Ac-30 has a great sound, but basically only this sound. So I can't really differ much from it. But the Bogner Alchemist is made in cooperation with Line 6, so I'm thinking that it probally handles the POD xt better?

What do you guy have to say? I've been searching the web for answer so long now.

(picture of the bogner alchemist is here: http://images.guitarcenter.com/products/thumbs/Bogner/633557115010988776.jpg)

Answers are really appreciated.Bogner Alchemist vs. Ac-30 amp.
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I have the ac30 cc2 and its awesome, but one of its best features is chords i think so maybe not for you. but it would suit the music you listen to really well
The only thing Line 6 about the Bogner is the reverb/delay. It is not going to affect how well its going to handle the Podxt.

The Alchemist is a great lead guitar amp and can pull off a Vox/Fenderish clean tone quite well. I would go for the Alchemist.
i would go with the alchemist. its a very nice amp and i really liked the clean tone. plus it gives you the added versatility that the ac 30 doesnt have although it is a great amp
Thanks for all the great advise
But people like Richie Blackmore (deep purple) used a Vox right? His solo's have a GREAT sound to them... Do you think I'd be able to get a pretty related sound with the Alchemist?
Oh.. And if I were to buy a Alchemist
How big is the difference between a 212 and a 112?
I can see that the 212 has 2 x 12" Celestion speakers (G12M Greenback and G12H Anniversary) and the 122 has 1 x high-class 12" Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker.
Is it mainly the volume thats the difference? Since the 212 has 2 speakers? Or are the speakers a lot different in sound too?
The more speakers, the more the air is pushed and the more perceived volume there is. Also slightly more bass response. I honestly have only played the AC30, but Bogner is a great freaking company and even though classic rock isnt really my forte, I am still dying to try one of these Alchemists.

Have you tried either out yourself?
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I've tried the AC30 CC2X a couple of times, but it's been in guitar stores so you don't really get into the amp the same way you would if it had been at home with full volume
I heard the Bogner Alchemist at a demo by Ryan Roxy from Alice Cooper and the sound was great, but I personally have had them up against each other, so I'm not sure if I can tell a difference at the moment.
Maybe if I had both up against each other I could.

Do you know the difference between the 112 212 Alchemist? I'm thinking sound wise? I've heard that there is a big difference on AC30 CC2 and CC2X's sound with the blue speakers, but is that the same thing here? Is it really that much extra money worth buying a 212, or is it not that noticeable?
I would suggest that you maybe replace the POD with single effects that you need, because it kinda sucks using multi-effects through a great amp like either of those. That being said, its up to you whether you wanna keep the POD.

My 0.02
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