I'm looking to pick up a new guitar. Preferably for around 800 or less. I play mostly Modest Mouse and what Radiohead I'm capable of playing at the moment with a little post punk like The Smiths and Interpol thrown in. My main concern is getting something that will sound good covering Mouse. He uses a trem all the time so I need something that'll stay in tune. The sound I'm going for is a cross between Dramamine, Talking **** About A Pretty Sunset, Cowboy Dan and Teeth Like God's Shoeshine.

i have never heard of ANY of the said artists.. not one.. never heard off.. ever.. no idea
*Enter Sig Here*
Ummmm........look at possibly grestch's with a bigsby? I dont know really, ive never heard of those bottom band, but i have heard of modest mouse.
Those are Modest Mouse songs. Sorry. I just need something that'll give me a sound like in those songs. He's really aggressive with the whammy bar and he uses it to bend harmonics a lot so I need something that'll stay in tune. Has a pretty clean sound to it too, I think. If you've heard the song Dramamine, that's exactly what I'm looking for.