Anybody had a glimpse of fame??

I have been on a couple of adverts and short films here in Scotland....let me know if you had your 5 minutes of fame!

You can check out one on youtube, search for 'brain damage raw cuts three minute wonder' and you will see my ugly mug, its a pretty cool advert was screened on channel 4
I was behind a guy circled in Crimewatch when they were doing a Man City v Millwall match.
Isn't is suppose to be 15 minutes? or has peoples optimism really diminished recently...

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Absent Mind, words cant express how much i love you. Id bone you, oh yea.

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Absent Mind is, as usual, completely correct.

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Id like to make my love for Neil public knowledge as he is a beautiful man
Not myself, but my band mate was on the news talking about underage drinking and raising the age to 21 to buy alcohol.

He said that even if it gets put up to 21, kids are going to find a way to get it. Even if they don't, they'll go for drugs.

Not exactly 5 minutes of fame, more like 10 seconds.

the story with my advert on youtube was a competition nationwide to find the best short film that was real life. I played the guy who wrote mine, wearing an old school anthrax tshirt!! It was pretty brutal tho cos he got bullied and got jumped by a dude with a brick just because he liked heavy metal, hence brain damage
I got on a tv-show called 'Willem Wever' you ask a question and they'll find the answer together with you. I originall had a different question but thet wanted me on the show anyway so the question I got was: Why do dogs smell each others ass..

No good memories
~And the raindrops in the cars

Keep on falling from off the bars

Blocking out a good song

Playing on the radio~
I was a model when I was a kid about... twice

I had no idea what was going on, my mum just made me go to these places where they filmed it and stuff...

I think one of them was advertising prizes for some kind of game show, I had to stand with some bikes, and then under a gazebo set, and they gave me a drink to drink and I didn't like it so I spat it out
They didn't like that
Some people wait a lifetime, some simply accept...

...Some of us crash land, some of us eject...

...Some restore the blood flow, some just let it go and bleed...

...Some of us obsess, some move on to something new
I was on "agro's cartoon connection" when I was 6. My dad got selected from the audience to spin the wheel. It landed on the Playstation prize, and I got really really excited. Turns out he was playing for some random person and I didn't get the playstation. I cried.