Oboes are woodwind instruments made with double reeds and were originally called as hautbois in French, meaning, "high wood". Oboes of good quality produce very clear yet piercing sounds (because of their harmonic range). To change their pitch, either the embouchure of oboes or the position of their reeds have to be altered.

Types of oboes

Some of the types of oboes you can enjoy include:

Baroque oboes - evolved from the 'shawm' of the Medieval and Renaissance years, a baroque oboe was a primary military band instrument. Made from boxwood, it has three keys (pairs of side keys) and a great key. To create higher pitches, overblowing is utilized.

Classical oboes - classical oboes have narrow bores which allows high notes to be played easily. They have a key range of between C1 to F3, although some German and Austrian types can create half-step lower notes.

Viennese oboes - originally made in Vienna during the early 1900s, Viennese oboes have remained staples in orchestral performances in the city. Since then, original bore and tonal characteristics of these types have been kept preserved.

Modern oboes - in the 1800s, the modern oboe was created by the Trieberts, a French family. Made from grenadilla (an African blackwood), rosewood, cocobolo, or violetwood, full conservatory modern oboes feature 45 keys, with alternate third octave and F keys as optional choices. For beginners, plastic resin modern oboes are also available.

Choosing your oboes

If you're just starting out, look for a student oboe. Made from plastic resin, these are not only more affordable but they are also easier to play. Despite having plastic bodies, though, they retain the rich tones that are inherently found in wooden oboes. To prevent corrosion and to enjoy added protection, look for oboes that come with nickel silver keys that are plated with silver.
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