Greetings. I've read in a few sites and forums something about grades of musical pieces. I somehow understand that musicians have some sort of system to grade pieces by difficulty. Is it true or am i misunderstanding something? And if its true could anyone give some examples going from Grade 1 (I assume begginer) to Grade X (as advanced as you can possibly get ).
I guess there are so many types and kind of music that that's pretty impossible...
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Yes, impossible to grade. But there are different lvls.

A song like yankee doodle would be grade 1, but a classical piece would be a higher grade, obviously.

The grading system is very relative, and based on logic. If a piece has a faster tempo and uses triplets and 16ths, it would be graded higher then if it only uses quarter's and eights.

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If you really want some graded music go to either rockschool or the trinity college london grade books.