Posted this in the bass thread, thought id try my luck here=]

My band had practice yesterday morning for a few hours and my amp was working fine, had a gig later that night and it decides to die.

Its a Laney RB8.Its ok playing quiet but when i play a note hard,or turn it up loud the amp just distorts so bad,it doesnt even sound like a distorted note, it just sounds like a vacuum cleaner coming out of my speaker.

I had it on the same settings at the gig as i always have, gain around 6,volume quite high, bass on 4 or 5,trebble down low and with EQ prety even.

The only pedal i use is a fender tuner pedal, i thought it might be that or the leads but ive tried both leads and its the same. Its not the bass guitar either as i tried another one this morning and got the same result.

It really sounds like theres a threshold, you play quiet and its fine, play loud and somone puts the hoover on! not cool=[

I used to have the Laney RB4 which died on me, is it a problem with all Laney's?

Any help would be much appreicated! thanks
My little bass amp will distort, not in a good way, if to much signal is run into the input. My bass is worse about doing it than my guitar. And SS does have a threshold before clipping occurs. When it starts clipping it goes down hill fast in tone. But its a 300 watt amp so should have plenty of headroom. Could be the single speaker with that many watts probably want more than 1 speaker.