I am a newbie. I am looking for a good software that would give me background loops with reconfigurable bpms (which Garage band doesnt offer ). I have a MAC and PC. Hence, platform is not important to me. However, I would prefer MAC over PC

I use digitech rp150 for plugging in my guitar. Do you have any suggestion for a good software ?

The reason why I need a multitrack recording software is that I will first record my acoustic guitar (using mic) and then add some riffs with my electric. I also need background beats/loops.

A good friend of mine recommended Acid pro 7/cubase/pro tools. However, these tools look like professional ones. I dont mind buying these as long as I know that it is useful. At this stage, I dont have much expertise to be able to fully utilize the software.

Please recommend software that would cater to my needs!!!

Should I buy some sophisticated hardware for multitrack recording ?

All suggestions are welcome.

cubase.. a friend of mine uses that one for school tho its extremly difficult(in my opnion) to use you really need some kind of tutorial^^ or a friend who can help you out
I'm in a similar sort of position to you (but without a Mac...thankfully, lol)

My Physics teacher recommended Audacity...it's free and easy to use.

But yes, Cubase is very good, it's probably my favourite (Cubase 4 *drool*) but stick with something simple and free like Audacity.

Also Magix Music Maker is really good too.
hey! I have tried audacity. It sucks because it doesnt have any loops etc. I need a good software like that of Garage band with some more customization. Any recommendations ?

Most programs you pay for at the stores such as Sonar will work on mac and PC.
Reaper I'm sure work on PC but I'm not sure about mac however Reaper will allow you to easily layer.
If you want to layer and then add built in audio samples the best way to do that is to record your own samples but I'm sure some of the Sonars has drum loops and whatnot.
I dont have drummer with me! I am the rhythm guitarist and lead guitarist!! Also, I am not starting a band. I just want to do some cool stuff with pentatonics. I have just learnt some of these!


try this or any other loop site and simply download a loop then instert it into your file and copy as needed.

most any software should allow for this. granted its not as "customizable" but it is free.

you also might want to look in to Ableton Live.

I like Adobe Audition personally...pretty user friendly as far as multitracking goes. Not entirely sure about mac compatibility tho...