I recently started playin the guitar (Epiphone Les Paul Special II) and I've been using a little practice amp but I am looking to upgrade. The specific sound that I am looking for is the Angels and Airwaves guitar type sound with the fade etc. I've got the Epiphone Tom Delonge ES-333 Hollow Body waiting under the Christmas tree for me and I'm assuming that the guitar would be the first step and the amp would be next? Any insight would be awesome. Thanx!
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Look up his gear on the internet.. and get something near his sound..
or get a modeling amp and download his preset
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No, the first step is a better amp, then a better guitar and/or guitar upgrades. A great guitar guitar will sound like crap through a crap amp.

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What amp would you all suggest? I guess is another question I'm asking I can spend about $300-$400...I've Google'd a few things and everyone is saying delay delay delay and to be honest with you I am such a noob at this that I have no idea what they're talkin about.

MeanwiththeDean...thank you for the suggestion!
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300-400 wont get you much, and how loud are you wanting this amp, tube or solid state?

also, already said, but this is better off in GG&A
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I want it LOUD, not gig loud but loud enough to piss of the wife and neighbors.
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And what is the difference between Tube and Solid State???
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