I'm custom building my guitar from Ran guitars: http://www.ranguitars.com/custom.php

I want to see what everyone's favorite body styles are, I want something unique, and since I have no artistic ability, I can't really design my own. My favorite style is the Explorer, but I want it to be set apart from others, if anyone has a unique body style, I would like to see pictures so I can piece together, in my head, what I am looking for.
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I've always been fond of Jaguar/Jazzmaster and Mustang/Duo Sonic looking guitars. If I was at home I'd post my concept for a 'Shredmaster' Jazzmaster meets Super-Strat guitar.
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How about doing an explorer with a wide bevelled edge or contour? Kind of SG like? I'd LOVE one of them. So much more comfortable and not as ugly and boxy.
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