hey i was just wondering which wah pedal to go for really. they are all roughly similar prices and all seem to be good pedals but i was wondering what peoples opinions on them were.

also with the tremonti wah i wondered if anyone knows about how the automatic switch off works as i like to leave the wah half open and wondered if it would turn off if left like this and is the classic wah the same?

thanks guys.
Well I have owned the Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah so I can explain a little about it. It also has the automatic shutoff switch so just step on it to activate and step off to deactivate. It also has the option to make actual foot pedal spring loaded or manual so if you wanted to leave it half activated then you'd need to have it on manual.

Honestly I didn't care for it that much. It just didn't have good enough a tone for me. Almost like it didn't have enough sweep range to it. I did like all the different tone options and the automatic shutoff, but it just didn't sound good for my tastes. Hope that helps.
I use the weeping demon and the RP-500. Personally, I prefer the RP-500 wha. The weeping demon just doesnot seem to do an amazing job. That being said it sounds great for what i need to do and I like that automatic switch. I use that a lot in my songs.
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Oh yes I agree about the RP500. I just recently purchased one about 4 or 5 months ago and yes it sound MUCH better with its wah than the weeping demon. I totally agree.
thanx guys but i don't really want to buy another multi-effects as i already have a boss me-50. it has a wah on it but it just doesnt seem to be a particularly good effect so i thoght i'd get a standalone wah. sounds like the tremonti or classic wah would be the way to go.

anyone know which is better of the 2 ?