hey i don't post here really but i've been wondering what are some good starter songs for guitar i've been playing bass for over a year and i am decent at it but i got a free guitar from a buddy of mine though it is missing the b string

any suggestions on some starter guitar songs?
Get that B string fixed

Then try learning some songs with chords like Nirvana, Green Day, or something easy like that.

If you are good with chords, then try songs with alt. picking in the main parts eg: Beast and the Harlot, Unholy Confessions or something..

It's hard to say where YOU personally should start...

Just pick a few of your favorite songs, and go from there.
You know, replacing strings is a fairly common procedure with guitar. Just reeplace the B string, or even better, all of them, and there you go.
For the songs, just go ahead and try to learn the songs you like. If you cant, search for easy ones. You may want to start with Knocking On Heavens Door, its the frst song i learned. Then go with more complicated chord stuf, after that do some with some simple riffs.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
Why dont you look into some DVD guitar lessons that cover the songs you like? You have the advantage of a teacher showing you how to play the songs. Or even better starting guitar lessons. I remember when I first started and I had so many frustrations because my playing wasn't sounding right which could of been easily corrected by a guitar teacher. But for easy begginer songs why not learn some Papa Roach songs? they will start you off on what is possible with power chords because thats what they mainly use and they tune to DROP-D which makes the power chords easier to finger on the fretboard.
i'm intend on getting all new strings for it because the rest are looking kinda rough and about ready to go

but thanks for the advice