Jo guys I made this little guitar tab for a deathcore song, I don't know wether it's any good so I thought I'd give you guys a listen. It's not kickass I know but it's just to get a generel idea about how I would perform writing songs for my band (that still needs a drummer ).

thanks already

Peace out
Allegiance to the dead.zip.zip
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what tuning is that in???
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what tuning is that in???

If you click at 'track 1' you can see it. it's also on top of the track.

but it's
I'll be honest with ya on this one

This song is all over the place, most of the riffs just flat out sound "wrong" in all sense, its like you put random notes mixed with the open B string.

The riff at bar 11 was ok sounding, it was the best of the bunch

Breakdown at bar 26-29 was ok as well, its been done before but it would flow with the song so keep it in there.

Having said all this I don't really listen to deathcore so don't take my word/advice b/c I don't know much on the genre. But this song has potential you just need to clean it up a bit and think it through a bit more. Come up with a catchy riff/hook and work the song around that. What I do to come up w/ my songs is just have a long jam session by myself for about an hour, and in that hour I try to come up w/ as many riffs as I can. Sometimes you'll get into a loop as in you'll just keep coming up with riffs that sound the same but vary from one another, keep all your riffs no matter how dumb sounding you may think it is at the time, later on it can serve a purpose. Once I've come up w/ at least 10 riffs I can start writing a song, I just pick and choose which riff I want to use and if I ever need to I can go back and find a riff from a while ago that I thought sucked and it'll turn out it fits perfectly in the song that I may be working on at the moment.

Just some tips for ya.

And also, play around with time signature, you can come up w/ some cool sounding stuff. Ex: 4/4 for one bar, 7/8 2nd, 3/4 the 3rd bar, and back to 7/8.

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I pretty much agree with what cptazad said on this one. The riffs are good and it sounds like it could easily be made into good deathcore, just needs to be cleaned up a little.
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I pretty much agree with what cptazad said on this one. The riffs are good and it sounds like it could easily be made into good deathcore, just needs to be cleaned up a little.

thanks, this is one of the first song I make. and I'm not that good and familiar yet with guitar pro.
also got any suggestions on cleaning some bits up.

UPDATE : uploaded a newer version with drums in GP4/5 and midi!
I somewhat agree with cptazad. At some parts it seemed like you picked random notes and just put them on the tab, while in other parts I thought you had really great ideas going. I thought you should've progressed the idea you had at bar 11-12. 43-47 were probably the bars that stuck with me the most. The 00's got bland after a while, maybe you could put in a second guitar with a more melodic sound along with the first guitar? The breakdowns have been used, but then again, what rhythm for a breakdown hasn't been used? I'd suggest a few pinches to spice it up a little. Pinches sound pretty bad on Guitar Pro, but with a real guitar I find they're pretty effective (if not overused)

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Alright, it was deathly, as well as it should be. The beginning was too erratic, and even for deathcore I think it sounded too out of place. It was probably the crash cymbals going A-wall at measure 4.

At measure 24, I liked it, it really was a lot like deathcore, and gave an "Impredning Doom," feel to it.

Up until measure 48 I didn't like it, it seemed like random note placing. Then after that it started to sound cool. At 56 it sounded way to happy for deathcore, after that harmonic the deathyl feeling was back, I liked it. The way it ended was way to abrupt, but it was fit for a deathcore song.

I would say one thing, is that deathcore needs to be erratic and abrupt, but it also requires immense technical skill to sync everything up. This stuff isn't for me, but as a deathmetal piece it was good.

Alright man, imma pitch my advice in and hopefully youll take it and use it.
For writing Deathcore. Your best bet is Drop C, Drop B, or Drop A. unless your really skilled - youll find its harder to write in Standard based formats (like the song you wrote). So Start off writing in Drop D based tunings

Drop B:
i write most of my Core **** with this.
Secondly - get more familiar with deathcore bands and their tabs.
(Suicide Silence, Carnifex, Emmure, Bring me the horizon, ABACABB, whitechapel,
After the burial, Born of osiris, veil of maya, A different breed of killer, Oceano, etc) some of these bands get more tech metal than others. but dont be afraid to mix other **** into your music. Metalcore is deathcore's twin. just deathcore makes it more threatening. *shrug*

Now - when your using gp. alwasy have atleast 4 tracks.
2 Guitars, 1 set hard left, the other set hard right *im referring to pan*, one set on overdrive, the other on distortion. a bass track. and a drum track. all of them at full volume. this is a very good palette for making **** sound good in gp.

for your drums, use 36 & 35 *at the same time* for your bass drum, 40 for your snare,( you could also use it with 38 at the same time for a unique sound) and 49 for your main crash. (i think 49 sounds better than 57)

if youd be intrested in a guitar pro file written by me to explain deathcore riffs better, feel free to email me at xkrisheartcorex@aol.com