Ive been looking into the les pauls and ive finally settled on that guitar, being pretty much a beginner i cant afford to and dont want to get a gibson ive been looking at the epi lp studios and someone mentioned the esp ltd ec-50 how does this guitar compare to the epi which would i be better off getting?
Epi FTW!
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Epi FTW!

I played my friends Epi Studio last night, and i loved it. I am not a big fan of the les paul body style, but the feel makes up for the looks any day. with a good set up that thing could rip.

but i wouldnt rule out the esp ltd either, unless you have no intrest in metal at all.
As i get abit better id prolly look into playing more metal and thrash .. well ive got a bid down on a 2nd hand epi lp studio on ebay which i could pick up semi cheap or get the esp new for around $500 au hmm what to do.
Epis are probably the best LP copies you can get after all they are a Gibson owned company and the manufacture of them is over seen by Gibson. Agile would be my second choice for an LP copy.

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Agile's are nice LP copies, haven't heard much about the Douglas ones though.
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As i get abit better id prolly look into playing more metal and thrash .. well ive got a bid down on a 2nd hand epi lp studio on ebay which i could pick up semi cheap or get the esp new for around $500 au hmm what to do.

have you played both of these guitars?

I personally like the ESP LTD EC-500 or w/e, especially if you think your going to get into metal later. Not a big fan of the EMG's but i would personally swap those out for a SD's of some kind. The EMGs would do metal no problem.

But you could also do that with the LP, if you were to wanna get into more metal later. Swap out the Bridge for a SD Blackout, and get jazz or somethin on the neck for better cleans, and the thing would be sweet.

either way you would have a sweet LP shaped guitar.
Dude, no don't get an Epi LP... First of all the problem is that it is owned by Gibson... Sure Gibson itself rocks, however when you buy a Gibson you are paying 2k+. Epis are made in China which can be a red flag (some Chinese made products are good), and the fact that they are owned by a big corporate business means that unfortunately they are thinking of the most cost effective way to pump out as many guitars for the most amount of profit.

Mind you, businesses always need to make money, but when you buy an epi you are also paying for the name, kind of like when you buy a Mercedes Benz rather than a Toyota, despite the added features, they don't constitute the 60k difference in price.

Long story short, I bought an Agile 3100 not too long ago for 300ish dollars off of the website. Bought GFS pickups and rewired the guitar which cost about 70$, which allowed me to have parallel, series and in/out of phase switching with a master tone and volume control. WAY more options and a WAY better tone than what you would get if you bought an Epi LP for less money.

Honestly if you buy Fralin or Voodoo pickups and do a professional set-up, it will play and sounds as good as a Gibson
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I was looking into the agiles but i dont think they ship too australia so im limited with the choices times like this i wish i was living in america.
Yeah, Agile are a pain to get if you're outisde America. I wish people would stop suggesting them and only them all the time because it's a pointless suggestion for many users who can't buy them anyway.

As far as the Epi vs ES-LTD goes, I'd say the Epi. I'm not a fan of 'Studio' models, but the EC-50 you named is a really bad guitar, actually worse than anything else Epi makes. ESP/LTD get great from the 400+ range, but below the 400 series you shouldn't touch them.

There are some other brands though that make decent LP copies. You may not be able to get hold of all of them but I'm sure at least one should be available to you:
- Vintage
- Rally
- Tokai
- Agile of course
- Michael Kelly
- Legacy
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