Im looking for a new progressive band to listen to. And that is mainly rock/metal and jazz but without the vocal style of between the buried and me , clean vocals would be good.

dont recommend
Dream Theater
Planet x
Pain of Salvation
flintazra wrote:

I think the next person to shoot up a school should list Jonas brothers and Hannah Montana as his favorite "musicians."
Mars Volta
Protest the Hero
Fall of Troy
Coheed & Cambria
Sound of Animals Fighting

prob get alot of people saying "that *insert band* isnt progressive you stupid ****!!!" but i'm not sure exactly what you're after and they are all awesome and prog/experimental kind of stuff so yeah...
russian circles
the mars volta
brainiac (not really progressive but they make some weird noises (not well known nowadays, you can find them on itunes))
thats right i just put brackets inside brackets.

i agree with captkelly in a way. progressive is kinda raw its so wide in itself that it covers so many sounds so its hard to say what isnt progressive. unless its like anything from dragonforce to britney spears.
I'm not sure what you're talking about all jazz has the vocal style of between the buried and me.

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Return to Forever

If you enjoy faster music I think you will enjoy Al Di Meola's solo albums as well, especially Elegant Gypsy
Behold... The Arctopus (might be a bit to hectic)
Spastic Ink (hectic, not as incoherent as B... TA though.)
Sleep Terror (Switches from tech-death to jazz at random times)
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (very weird, eerie band)
Agalloch (very atmospheric folk/prog/doom metal... One of the greatest bands I've ever heard)
Atheist (tech death, kinda proggy at times)
Ayreon (cluster**** of genres, with lots of guest musicians on every album)
Blotted Science (Same guitarist as Spastic Ink)
Between the Buried and Me (more metalcore infleunced)
Cynic (very spacey, atmospheric prog)
Devin Townsend
Edge of Sanity (Get Crimson II, now)
Ephel Duath (Avant-garde, lots of jazz influence...)
The Fall of Troy (kinda post-hardcore)
Gordian Knot
Gorod (tech death with jazz influence)
Meshuggah (crazy rhythms, can get boring at times though)
Ne Obliviscaris (black/prog metal with violins, cleans and growls, epic)
Nevermore (Prog metal. Get This Godless Endeavor, now.)
Opeth (a must listen)
Porcupine Tree (must listen)
Protest the Hero (kinda post-hardcore influenced)
Riverside (straight-up prog rock, similar to Porcupine Tree)
Spiral Architect (kinda hectic, not as hectic as Spastic Ink or BTA though. Actually have noticeable song structures. )
Symphony X (neo-classically-influenced prog metal)
Textures (like Meshuggah, but more melodic)
Thrice (not even that proggy, but still have experimental stuff in their music.)
Tyr (folk/prog)
uneXpect (avant-garde metal)
Wintersun (folk/prog/melodic metal)
The Black Mages
Anubis Gate
Pain of Salvation (Get The Perfect Element pt. I, now)

That list has come in handy a lot, lately.