The ending of first song sorta reminds me of a band called Still Remains, which I am a big fan of.

Over all it sounds pretty good, and very well produced, although I don't know if I'd necessarily call it metal, the pace is slow for a metal band, and it's quite as aggressive as you'd expect to hear from metal. It sounds more like Hardcore/Alternative to me. But again, I can find hear no errors in anyones playing, and it sounds very well produced.

If I had to find something to be critical about, I'd say it reminded me alot of Hawthorn Heights, which is not my favorite band but to each their own.
Thanks for the crits guys. DrivenMind, I see where your coming from in that respect, wasn't really sure what genre to class them under lol.

Keep em coming guys
This is very cool stuff. The intro is great, I really dig the piano. The drums are kind of weird, are the highs cut on them? Bass is good, the guitars are kind of quiet during the singing. The regular vocals work, they're pretty decent. The screaming is kind of boring though. I'm fine with screaming, but its the exact same sound that he uses the entire song; mix it up do some different screams. It definitely gets repetitive and takes away from the overall power of the song.

Besides that and a few small mixing tweaks, this stuff is great. You guys are good.

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