So I've decided on these four guitars....what do yo think?

1) Jackson custom shop Rhoads model that will basicly be Randy's exact model and specs.

2) Gibson Les Paul of some sort

3) Yngwie Malmsteen signature stratocaster

4) PRS custom 24

I'd be playing through a peavy 5150 II amp head and I play anywhere from blues and jazz to hard rock and metal.
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If you play that wide a range of stuff, I'd go with the custom 24. It can do pretty much any style so you can't go wrong.
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There is actually another guitar that I would consider. I just got an email about it. It's a Gibson Les Paul with a Floyd Rose in it. It's called the Les Paul Axcess. I don't know if you're open to suggestions or if you've already decided on one of the four, but it seems like it fits into that price range, and would suit your style of playing perfectly.
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I would have to say the PRS. It can do amazing cleans and jazzy leads To great metal distortion.
I really like the axcess, but Im not a big fan on FR's......my friend has a custom 24 and It plays great, but randy rhoads is a humongous influence on me plus I love that style guitar......Im not sure. I'll still think about it
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My god, you picked an apple, an orange, a papaya, and a cantaloupe. All of these guitars have a VERY different feel, so I would say play each one and go with what feels the best. My opinion... the PRS will be the easiest to play, then the Jackson, then the Les Paul, and the Yngwie Strat the most difficult to play. That being said, I would choose either the Strat or Les Paul (depending on which one). Once you get the feel of either of those, you'll have some serious tone and vibe.

I will say this. That Yngwie Strat has a very unique feel, because of the "scalloped" frets. At first, it seems like you have to press really hard to get your notes out of those frets. But, the opposite is true. You actually need to have a very light touch with that guitar. However, it takes some time to get it. Once you do, though...man you can fly on that thing.
Definitely the PRS
best choice, I have one...and you can play anything on it and it does them all great
Man, you must have posted this just as a Paul Reed Smith convention let out. lol Good guitar, but I'm not so sure it's a open and shut case.
PRS ftw!

no but seriously i would consider all of those except the Sig Strat.

tough decision man

don't forget the malmsteen sig will have a scalloped fingerboard
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I'd go with PRS, amazing guitars.

And they look awesome too.
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option 1 or 4
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i dont wanna thread hijack but are there major differences between PRS customs with a tremolo bar and without it? tonewise? and does the fat neck compare to the 50's les paul neck?
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1) PRS.
2) Jackson.
3) Les Paul.
4) Malmsteen Strat.
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Non-subjectively it's gotta be the PRS. I own none of them and have no preference..I'm a 335 man.

The jackson will NOT suit for anything other than hard-rock and metal. Jazz and blues are out the window..unless you want to get laughed out of the venue.

There's wrong with les paul's, but metal on one just isn't right if you ask me.

Not the strat. Not the malmsteen one anyway. Scalloped frets will have the same effect as the jackson to any respectable jazz or blues player. Look at non-signature strats. They're cheaper and not associated with someone, so you don't get pigeon-holed as a player before you've even picked the guitar up.

The prs, while not being the perfect guitar for any of those genres (really..) it will do them all very well. They come with the ability to coil tap stock, so you can cover a huge amount of tonal ground. The stock pickups are superb. Heard one through a jcm2000 half stack a week or two ago and was blown away (even comparing it to nice gibsons, american fenders, a jem7v and an ESP M-II with emg's). It really did take a big dump all over all of them.

The PRS will look acceptable in all circumstances too, even if its a bit flashy to the average blues man .
PRS hands down. I play as wide a range as you do, mine handles them all really well.
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