Hi guys,

In about two weeks I will be taking a flight in which I will take a lot of gear, roughly:

10 mic stands
30+ guitar/mic cables
6 guitar pedals
an 8-preamp ADAT unit
a recording interface
my laptop
12 mics

+ small things such as capos, picks, strings, etc...

My plan was to put the most expensive stuff (pedals, interfaces, mics, laptop and such) in a small suitcase with wheels that I can carry on the plane, and then have the rest of the stuff fit into 1 or 2 oversized bags (proably two because dont want to be charged with overweight fees)

My concerns are these:

Do you think airport security will be a problem with all that electronic metal gear on me? Will they wanna maybe open up my pedals or something?

HAve any of you guys had any experience with theft on checked luggage? Granted these will be low cost items but added up, all cables, mic stands etc, come to about 400 bucks.

Those are pretty much my worries. Any recommendations are welcome.

Can i ask the nature of your trip with all these goods?
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I'm a college student going home. I've been slowly accumulating stuff to start a home studio. I already have my guitars/amps some effects + some recording equipment there. Basically I'm just taking all this stuff home.
Do you think airport security will be a problem with all that electronic metal gear on me?

From personal experience, yes they probably will. This doesn't mean you shouldn't travel with it, just that it will take you slightly longer to go through security.

I had a wah-pedal, some random cabels, a digital camera and some other misc stuff. Both in Denver & Frankfurt they scanned my bag like 8 times, went back and forth through the machine a couple of times, and in Frankfurt I was selected for "random" explosives check where they did some tests on my bag. It was more amusing then anything else, but I would make sure you arrive at the airport in good time.

Also, don't pack alot of shizzle on top of your laptop since you have to take it out and scan it separately.
I've traveled with lots of stuff too. Never had problem with stolen luggage, and I think that most airlines take good care of them, cause their reputation depends heavily on stuff like that, so don't worry about getting robbed. And airport security will probably be an issue due to the number of luggage.

The way you wanna separate your things is cool, because practically their will be "harmless" and "dangerous" suitcase categories, if you get what I'm saying Pedals, preamps and such are harder to scan and can conceal things. Cables and stands are harmless unless you wanna poke someones eye out with a jack. Don't forget to remove any "suspicious bag with green stuff in it" from the back of your pedals...
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hey, i'd say just ship it beforehand... always a good choice
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I'd prefer going to UPS or whatever to get that stuff to your place. With the extra fees for additional bags, shipping won't be that much more. And UPS has shipping insurance and they usually don't open up the stuff.