I'm meeting up with my drummer tomorrow, who is bringing a long a new guitarist to jam with us. The other guitarists we've used have never been that great (I'm a bass player before a guitarist and I play better than they do on guitar), but because of this I've never actually had to use scales, beyond the pentatonic that is. So what are gonna be some good scales to get down for this jam session (on a 5 string), it would probably on the hard rock/metal spectrum.
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Major ones might help, I can post a few tricks I found for learning them that helped me if you want.
C major, or A penatonic

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Major & Minor.

That's all you really need.
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blues scale is very useful. in any jam really.
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The minor pentatonic/blues scale is going to be the bread and butter of almost any rock based guitarist, or guitarist period for that matter. If you're going into more metallish territories, definitely have the minor scale down as well.