I recently purchased a BC Rich Bronze series Bich guitar used for a good price. It is in really nice condition. After an evening of cleaning, polishing, and set up, it looks and plays really well. I have one question tho. The bridge is a Badass-style wrap-around kind that uses the same kind of mounting studs as a Gibson tune-o-matic bridge stop bar tail piece. The problem is that the studs have 2 slots in which the mounts slide into. They are not snug or tight to the u-shaped mounts on the end of the bridge. As a result the bridge cocks foward in the studs, and tilts toward the neck at an odd angle. It works okay, but just seems wrong. Other Badass style bridges I have seen did not tilt foward under string tension like this one does cuz it fit snug into the stud slots.
Is this the way it came from BC Rich? Did someone put different studs on this guitar? If anyone has info on this it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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it's just a crappy cheap bridge and it's probaly just broken

i'd replace it
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Sound like someone replace the bridge. The bronze series do use less expensive parts but they are pretty decent and fit well as a rule.