My dad does a solo gig thing just with his acoustic guitar, a drum machine and bass pedals, and he was talking about how a lot of solo acts are just using laptops and midi backtracks.

So my question is what does one need to actually do something like that. I know the midi I've heard my computer produce is nowhere near gig worthy. So what kind of programs/hardware are used for playing midi/writing your own back tracks, foot switches etc

Are there any resources that I can look at that will kind of explain how you go about setting something like that up?
try asking your dad? I get the impression he's quite experienced to it?
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try asking your dad? I get the impression he's quite experienced to it?

Hah, no I forgot to mention I'm posting here because he wants to know what needs to be done. He doesn't have much in the way of experience when it comes to any kind of computer related setups, or computers in general. Hell the guy is still using 20 year old equipment for the most part.

So I told him I'd try to find out how he can do it and help him set everything up.
a very nice computer and i would recommend the latest version of Logic Pro. thats what i use. he will also need at least a few months of studying to be able to get really good sounds from it. It will only run on a mac though.
there are no good midi sequencers for cheap though, and you need a fast powerful computer for them. its alot of work.
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