I was thinking of replacing my Roland Cube with one of the Vox Valvetronix modeling amps. Should I consider this or not bother at all? I want something with more tonal option then the cube but don't want to sacrafice sound qaulity. My cube is good but it doesn't do sound too good for metal / any high gain mode in my opionion.
Their decent, but to be honest, I tried one, as good as it was, it paled in comparison to a real tube amp. If you can afford a tube amp get one of those, but if not it's fine.

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i have a vox valvetronix AD15VT, in my opinion, the amp is good for a clean tone, but when it comes to distortion i think pedals are better to use.

i have a vox valvetronix AD15VT, Behringer UM300 (Ultra Metal), in my opinion they make a pretty good team.
Its not really much of an upgrade in my eyes.
Cubes and Valvetronix's are good practise amps, but I wouldn't buy something similar.

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