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1st of all, I'm enquiring about whether I should get guitar or bass; here's a small backdrop..

Basically I really want a guitar for a few months now, and I used to have an obsession with getting a bass. But I dunno which one to get. My main worry is that if I get bass, I won't be able to get lessons, because I can't afford them, so I'd be learning online, and I don't know of any good detailed websites like justinguitar for guitar, other than studybass .com. Also, I'd be playing on my own either way, so would I be reaching my full pontential playing on my own? For guitar, I've heard it is generally easier, and I can easily learn on justinguitar, and it is cheaper. But, when I went into the shop, I strummed the guitar, it sounded good, and felt good. But when I felt the bass it was awesome. And when I plucked my fingers on it I was like WOW! So, here are my questions?

1. Guitar or bass for me? I really don't know, when I think of one my mind wanders of to the other.

2. Would it be worth playing on my own?

3. Good bass learning sites?

4. Are there any free drum tracks I could find anywhere on the internet?

Now, on a completely unrelated topic, I'm trying to get into some jaco pastorius, but tbh, out of the stuff I've heard so far, the chicken was my favourite.

Alot of people like portrait of tracy, but I for some reason don't like it. It doesn't really sound like music. Sure, he's playing stuff thats probably hard to play, but I seriously don't like it... What other stuff has he got that sounds.. how can i put it without annoying the fanboys.....music?

EDIT: Last question, with guitar you use distortion for metal, but most of the time you use no distortion for bass... so how do yu give your playing that...metal edge?
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1. Get both.
2. Yes.
3. You're on one.
4. www.google.com

Portrait of Tracy doesnt sound like music? Are you currently taking any strong medication perchance?
1. Bass. 100%. I had the same dilemma about 3 years ago, and I chose guitar. Now I play bass. I should have started with bass 3 years ago. I regret almost every minute of me playing guitar. The only thing that helped me was that the 4 string bass tuning is the same as the bottom 4 strings on a guitar. So I didn't have to learn any new finger positions.

2. Yes. If you really want to play, you'll find motivation to learn on your own if you can't get/afford lessons.

3. Did a quick google search, and expertvillage.com has free video lessons. Here's the basic lessons page.

4. I'm sure there are, but I don't know where.

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Last question, with guitar you use distortion for metal, but most of the time you use no distortion for bass... so how do yu give your playing that...metal edge?

There are plenty of distortion pedals out there for bass. Dunlop makes a pedal called the MXR Blowtorch, which is a bass distortion pedal. And it's Dunlop MXR, so you know it's high quality. Also, the head I'm saving up for has a built in overdrive setting. So that's another option.

Other than that, it's not about distortion. Pick the right notes, maybe a little slap action for some of the heavier parts. That's what I do at least.
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