I play in a band that ranges from deftones and refused to post-hardcore sort of things and wondering what distortion pedal to get for it. I'd like it to work well to work well with my 90's/00's punk/hardcore sound too.

I play through a Laney LV200 with a Epiphone G400 which will soon ahve a SH-6 in the bridge.

Getting a new amp is out of the question at the moment and im pretty happy with my Laney.

I've been told to get things such as the MT-2 and MD-2 but still am unsure about what to get

Any recommendations?
i do quite a few deftones covers, and my Digitech Deathmetal actually does a really good job

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if you're goin for that deftones sound like u say i would definately go for the MD-2. you should get a flanger too so u can add some atmosphere at times if u dont already have one. by the way i love the deftones