Hey guys. Pretty simple problem, I just don't want to screw up my amp trying to solve it...

I have a Marshall JCM2000 DSL 50 head, and a Marshall 1936 2X12 speaker cab. The cabinet's literature says it offers "mono or stereo" options, but it's quite vague. the jacks are both labeled on the cab as 16 ohm.

The rear of my DSL50 has three speaker cable inputs. two of them are labelled together as parallel 4 & 8 ohm jacks. the other one is labeled "16 ohm only." I have my switch set to 4 ohms right now.

What I'm really wondering is this:

can i use two mono speaker cables and use the two speakers in my 2X12 as left and right channels?

can it be accomplished with one stereo speaker cable?

or do I need two cabs to use the stereo option?

thanks in advance.