I just have a quick question about palm muting.

I like using a palm muted open E for metal riffs to get that typical chug sound.

But even after I pick the note it still rings out more than I'd like it to.

Whenever I mute single notes I use a combination of right and left hand muting.

What's the best way to still get the heavily palm muted note without having it ring out.

Should I just palm mute closer to the neck?

An example of the type of riff that gives me this trouble would be Focus Shift by Dark Tranquillity

Quote by yearzero
Should I just palm mute closer to the neck?

It would definately help if you took your hand away from the "Enter" key for a while.

On topic: Nahhhh you ain't gotta do this. Just use a little more pressure. Unless you have a floyd rose. Then you're going to want to move it closer to the neck. Just not too far or it'll start to be too muted.
Also, I would definately suggest that you DON'T use both of your hands for palm muting. It's just that, palm muting. You're supposed to use your palm.
Yeah sorry about the format of my posts. I try to split them up so that they're not just a wall of text. I don't have a Floyd Rose though. I'll keep your advice in mind.

Does anyone know where I could find some more information on muting?
try putting your hands around in different positions, because obviosly a string isnt being muted at all/as much as you want it to, and if you have a flab of skin up against that noisy string, ring no longer it shall.

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right hand/ palm more to the neck. Just like that.

Don't apply more pressure, cause if u ever play floyd rose guitar's or guitar with a floating bridge, all ur notes will go sharp.

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To get the perfect palm mute, find that one line on ur palm that goes to the edge of ur palm and place it on the string. Don't just keep ur hand there though cuz that makes an imperfect mute. Kind of hit the string each time. it sound so sick