Anyone have any good venison recipes? My buddy went hunting in WV a few days ago and came back with a ton of venison. He gave me two gallon sized ziploc bags full. I'm making shili with some of the shoulder meat and I have no idea what to do with the rest.

If this has been done before sorry...I checked the all powerful/all knowing searchbar and found nothing.
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you can marinade it overnight and grill it and it turns out pretty good
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well you can grind it and mix it with a bit of beef fat.... and it can replace ground beef in any recipe, spagetti, tacos, sloppy joes,
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venison burgers are incredible.

also venison roasts are very good.
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the way you often get it in southern germany is as a fillet or as a roast, with spaetzle (awesome german pasta type thing) and cranberrys. Thats nice. Let it stew in a sauce of sorts overnight for maximum flavour.
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Alot of people dip it in flour then cook it. I like it better to just cook it in butter then sprinkle some lemon pepper on it and put it on some bread...
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google is your friend TS.
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