Hey fellas,

I've been eyeballin' this piece of hardware for some time now and I'm really now.

So anyway, I wanted to ask what you guys think about the offer and if anybody of you ever bought something form this guy "meestursparkle"? Apparently he sold gear from texas some while ago but now lives in japan.

Im kinda hesitant cause its ebay and all.

P.S.: Note for the topic: I live in germany so it would be shipped to the oldworld.
very nice guitar....I dont care much for the inlays but if you like it.... then it is for you.
and from looking at their feedback, it seems like a safe bet... so go for it
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the J customs rock, i bought my les paul from japan (haha i bought it from that guy) to the Uk went fine

edit: i **** you not i bought it from meestursparkle thats hilarious

j/k. Ibanez' prestige series plays so awesome, I wish I could afford them.
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