Found a used tele I like but it's a Mexican one, so I think it's alder... it weighed a ton, easily twice as much as a walnut Traben bass I picked up. Do the ash models weigh any less? Also, I really like the natural finish... can you sand the paint off of the alder models?
when it comes to weight I am unsure, though you can sand the paint off of any guitar... whether there will be any quality in the grain of the wood, no one knows
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theres 2 different ashes both are more harder but i believe lighter
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Hard Ash (sometimes called rock ash by dim people) can be a little bit heavier than alder, around 15-20% heavier usually.

Lite Ash/Swamp Ash are around the same weight as alder.

All types of ash have a slightly brighter tone than alder (hard ash is the brightest sounding, lite ash/swamp ash can sound almost exactly the same as alder but is usually a tiny bit brighter-toned). Also because of the nature of how all wood is, don't expect it to be precise or always like this, it's quite possible to get a piece of hard ash that weighs less than a certain piece of alder.
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