im no pro or trying to be in a band.im just a riff stealer who likes to jam
in my spare time.i was wondering how the low-end metal master v sounds and plays?
remember just for fun and a wall decoration. is it worth $299?

please be honest.
thanx for your time.
Thee KKVs are utter **** until you get the one with the neck-thru, EMGs and Kahler
It's by far overpriced and poor quality
You'd be better off getting a low end Jackson or Ibanez, while it's just for fun, you'll have a lot more fun playing something decent
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well i got a mid range kerry king v and its ace i got it for £129 i think thats like to $230-250 in usa
but the lower model the patterns meh and i think the pick ups may not sounds as good as mine or the higher models
but yeah alot of peopl say chep bc richs are terrible some are some arent
get it if you want but if you do and dont like it....blame me
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thanx for your replies. but its already in the mail. i would still like more replies though.
sorry 1 more bump! for people who may not have seen this.
and for those who did sorry .
The KKV's are pretty bad.
Not worth 300 USD.
The only good metal guitars that arent so budjet murdering would be...
Ibanez, Schecter, ESP/LTD, and some jacksons.
KKV's on the lower end are crap but mid and high KKV's are great guitar except for the Kahler trem.
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Quote by Blacken Seas
KKV's on the lower end are crap but mid and high KKV's are great guitar except for the Kahler trem.

Isn't that kind of an opinion thing? I love Kahlers

The only problem is they are way too light... I feel like I'm gonna break them, and I'm not a big guy. Most FR's I play are too tight though . Then again I've never played a used guitar with and FR, don't suppose FR's have a bit of a break in period?
The most solid V guitars for that low of a price are the Agile Hornets, Epi V's, and the lowest end Dave Mustaine ESP V.

The problem is that you're going to be paying for the shape more than the quality of guitar.
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